Wedding Paradise!

Playacar was gorgeous! The beach was beautiful, the friends were lots of fun, and the bride and groom were stunning! I am so thankful that I was asked to share in my cousin's special day! Crutches or no crutches, I was going to be there...every hobbling step of the way! The day of the wedding … Continue reading Wedding Paradise!

Where the Wild Things Are

The resort at Sandos Playacar was really quite gorgeous! The grounds were clean and the pools were awesome! But one of the coolest parts of the resort was the wildlife that was literally all around. We woke up and exited our room to these guys We were welcomed by these guys all around the place … Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are

Fueling the Fire

I never meant to LOVE photography. Really, I just stumbled into it. I was taking pictures while in the Smoky Mountains with the Hubs and couldn't get enough! We literally were wrestling over taking photos. Then once I saw the results, I was hooked. There is something so awesome about catching a perfect moment and … Continue reading Fueling the Fire