The Engagement

I did something yesterday that I know was stupid, but honestly it was so reactionary that while I could see it was wrong, I just couldn't stop. Like a cornered animal, I just had to lash out! I recently learned that the ex-Hubs is engaged. Yup, apparently 4 days after our divorce was final he … Continue reading The Engagement

“It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost” ???

We've all heard this phrase, "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." What a crock of shit! I mean that phrase alone sets you up to feel pained, grief, and sorrow when a relationship ends. I think a much better phrase is, "It's better to have loved and … Continue reading “It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost” ???

My Heart Hurts

Some days on this new "journey" have been ok, other days have been miserable! I have cried myself to sleep and laughed until my tummy hurt; I have spent time with supportive friends and been isolated and alone with my thoughts; I have screamed angry expletives to any and all that would listen and written … Continue reading My Heart Hurts

Digg Deep!

There was this little football game on last night...Minnesota Vikings versus the New Orleans Saints and it was incredible! I mean it was more of a roller coaster of emotions than an episode of This is Us! The whole thing was electric but there was one thing that has really stuck with me and it … Continue reading Digg Deep!