I Lost Myself There For a While

Sorry I have been away. I honestly haven't known what to write about. I am back in school for the semester, The Hubs and Frankie are the same (one of them has a little less hair...it's Frankie!), and life has just kind of gone. I have been uninspired and honestly kind of down, just plowing … Continue reading I Lost Myself There For a While


Digg Deep!

There was this little football game on last night...Minnesota Vikings versus the New Orleans Saints and it was incredible! I mean it was more of a roller coaster of emotions than an episode of This is Us! The whole thing was electric but there was one thing that has really stuck with me and it … Continue reading Digg Deep!

Move Over…

Move over nasty and questionable Turducken, check out this gorgeous Thanksgiving mash up! It's the PIECAKEN! What is it? PieCaken is a triple-layered dessert medley consisting of pecan, apple and pumpkin pie goodness. The foundation of each PieCaken is a pecan pie, followed by pumpkin pie and then topped with apple spice cake. Each layer … Continue reading Move Over…