The Engagement

I did something yesterday that I know was stupid, but honestly it was so reactionary that while I could see it was wrong, I just couldn't stop. Like a cornered animal, I just had to lash out! I recently learned that the ex-Hubs is engaged. Yup, apparently 4 days after our divorce was final he … Continue reading The Engagement

My Friend, My family

There is this guy that stole my heart. His smile could light up the room or infuriate you (if he was giving you hell, which he enjoyed giving to me!). He was not just my friend but became my family. His name is Patrick and this week he lost his battle with cancer. This is … Continue reading My Friend, My family


I have quite literally pulled up my blog to write a post 6 times. Each time my eyes meet the blank page, and I too go blank. I feel this total feeling of nothingness wash over me. I don't know what to write about, I don't want to feel these emotions that are rattling around … Continue reading Numb

My Heart Hurts

Some days on this new "journey" have been ok, other days have been miserable! I have cried myself to sleep and laughed until my tummy hurt; I have spent time with supportive friends and been isolated and alone with my thoughts; I have screamed angry expletives to any and all that would listen and written … Continue reading My Heart Hurts


It's a funny thing, TRUST. You are supposed to trust your parents, friends, partners but in the end most people disappoint you. It may not be a large betrayal but there is always something. Someone disappears, someone leaves, someone's just what happens. So, what do you do when someone has challenged your trust? Which … Continue reading Trust


In September I wrote a a blog post entitled "Is Divorce a New Fad?" Well, after reading it to myself I realize that, I am a hypocrite! Well, not actually a hypocrite because I didn't understand that I was speaking out of my what is a word for accidental hypocrite? That's what I am.  … Continue reading Hypocrisy