My Heart Hurts

Some days on this new "journey" have been ok, other days have been miserable! I have cried myself to sleep and laughed until my tummy hurt; I have spent time with supportive friends and been isolated and alone with my thoughts; I have screamed angry expletives to any and all that would listen and written … Continue reading My Heart Hurts


Laughter Heals

A couple weeks ago there was so much going on at the house to get it on the market, finals week at school, work ramping up from a much delayed start to the construction season; so when I was asked to come watch a friend do stand-up...YES, PLEASE! I called my little sister and brother … Continue reading Laughter Heals


It's a funny thing, TRUST. You are supposed to trust your parents, friends, partners but in the end most people disappoint you. It may not be a large betrayal but there is always something. Someone disappears, someone leaves, someone's just what happens. So, what do you do when someone has challenged your trust? Which … Continue reading Trust


In September I wrote a a blog post entitled "Is Divorce a New Fad?" Well, after reading it to myself I realize that, I am a hypocrite! Well, not actually a hypocrite because I didn't understand that I was speaking out of my what is a word for accidental hypocrite? That's what I am.  … Continue reading Hypocrisy


We give ourselves a lot of titles in life. I am Mrs. "The Hubs" Thompson, I am Frankie's mom, I am a photographer, a student, a sister...but what happens when a title goes away? How do you re-identify yourself as YOU and WHO THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY??? I know a lot of my mom … Continue reading Titles


I wear a mask, pretty much every day. I smile when I am fractured inside. I act happy, like there is nothing wrong and life is good. When I was young, my mom also played this game. She could be falling apart or screaming at us kids to get our shit together and the phone … Continue reading Masks

Digg Deep!

There was this little football game on last night...Minnesota Vikings versus the New Orleans Saints and it was incredible! I mean it was more of a roller coaster of emotions than an episode of This is Us! The whole thing was electric but there was one thing that has really stuck with me and it … Continue reading Digg Deep!