Digg Deep!

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota VikingsThere was this little football game on last night…Minnesota Vikings versus the New Orleans Saints and it was incredible! I mean it was more of a roller coaster of emotions than an episode of This is Us! The whole thing was electric but there was one thing that has really stuck with me and it wasn’t necessarily just about a football game. This quote….

s-l1000This quote from Stefon Diggs hit me like a ton of bricks! There are a lot of times in our life that we just succumb to the fact that we are not going to win. Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe it’s a love interest; but we get a hint of rejection and just throw in the towel when there is plenty of time left on the clock. We make up our mind that it’s not worth the effort or that the loss is inevitable but if we just kept hope alive, think of what we could accomplish!it_s_not_over_till_it_s_over_by_rockyf9-d8oexgv

Stefon Diggs and the Minnesota Vikings should have lost the football game last night. They went into the second half with a 17-0 lead and blew it. They were not playing like they were in the first half, a feeling that us Viking fans are all too familiar with.

“The Vikings were out of timeouts and nearly out of options when Keenum dropped back with 10 seconds to go from his 39 and threw high into a crowd. Diggs jumped in front of Williams, who rolled awkwardly underneath Diggs during an ill-fated attempt at a tackle. As Diggs raced into the end zone, the crowd of 66,612 at U.S. Bank Stadium erupted.” –  Fox News

People are saying it’s a Minnesota Miracle, but really it’s a couple guys that did not let the score board or the odds tell them the game was over! It was determination and hope that won that game!

I can speak from experience that I have done this. I have said,

“Oh, I am not qualified for that promotion.”


“I will never get that job!”


“That guy is WAY out of my league.” (p.s. I married that guy, so here is one example where I didn’t let my inner thoughts stop me. Thank goodness!).

161071-dig-deep-quotesSo how can you dig deeper? What did you give up on before the clock hit zero? Push yourself to do more, be better, see that it isn’t over before the clock says so! Take a nod from Stefon Diggs and play the game until that clock hits zero. Give everything you have to reach your goal and don’t take any hint of rejection as a final answer!



2 thoughts on “Digg Deep!

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    This post gave me goosebumps, Sarah, and made me feel like I can do anything! I have read about the miracle catch, so I am going to have to google it and watch it for myself. You are so right, never give up when there is still time left on the clock, anything can happen if you don’t quit!! LOVE THIS!! Hope you are doing well and that 2018 is full of many more miracles! xo


  2. thompsonhouseblog says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I can always count on you to really hear me and get what I am saying! Yes, check out the “Minnesota Miracle ” catch but if you can watch a few minutes of the end of the game…then you can really see just how much some people thought it was all over. I wish you many blessings and lots of love for 2018. Cannot wait to hear more from you…especially in book form!!!!
    Love ya!


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