Trying to Keep Positive

There are some days that just suck. No matter how much you try to keep a

positive attitude, they just smack you in the face and say, “nope today sucks!”


There isn’t just one thing that makes it suck but it more feels like everyone got a notice (through ESP in their dreams like some weird horror movie) to get in your way, give you attitude, and piss you off!

This morning I had some lady driving literally 20 miles an hour under the speed limit with 4 full car lengths in between her and the car in front of her…and yet she was looking the in the rear view at me and cursing me out. “Hello asshole, learn to drive!” When she finally turned, I said a little prayer thanking baby Jesus and he replied by allowing me to spill water all over my crotch.giphy (6)

I am swear there was a chuckle in the car, was my car actually laughing at me or the radio or baby Jesus himself saying, “that’s what you get for praying that dumb prayer!”

Thankfully as I walked into the office, no one could tell I had wet pants!

Then I got a call from a customer. Oh dear God! What a jerk this lady was. Nasal voice and all, telling me that my company screwed something up. After getting yelled at for the 3rd time that the sales rep did not answer their phone, I gave her direct dials and hung up!giphy (7)

Now, I just had a group member quit on me (leaving us down 2 members) and an assignment due by the end of the week.


My favorite by the way!

My printer has jammed, my folding machine has jammed, my fingers are frozen because someone thinks it’s cool to turn the thermostat down to 32 degrees. No amount of meditation, yoga, or deep breathing is going to cut it. Beware ya’ll, you may see me pulling one of these on the news tonight!250587_5_




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