What is Beauty?

I wrote this the other day as I was reflecting on the things I see that are wrong with my body and the things I see that I love about myself. You see, most of us are not IN LOVE with everything about ourselves, but in concentrating on the negative we miss so much of what makes us beautiful! I challenge each of you to look at what you find to be wonderful things that make you special, that make you feel beautiful, that make you WORTHY of your own love and support.orig-21200938

Finding True Beauty

By: S Thompson

My elbows are dry,

My feet are too.

My hair is stringy,

But my eyes are true blue.

My skin isn’t perfect,

My nose just isn’t right.

My fingers are pudgy,

But my smile is so bright.

My butt is too flat,

My ears are quite small.

My belly is too round,

But my heart can love all.

My teeth are a bit crooked,

My nails are a mess.

My legs are too chunky,

But I know I am still blessed.


It is so hard to focus on the positive because the world feeds us so many images of “perfection” that are impossible to reach. And you know what? You are already perfect just as you are! You have things that you could work on, hell we all do! You have things you would like to strive for, like losing a few pounds or taking better care of your hair and nails. Those don’t make you imperfect, it just means you are a work in progress!

screen-shot-2014-02-20-at-1-40-31-pmSo grab your journal and write down all the things that are great about you. Do you have a cute birthmark or freckles or a badass scar? Do you love your long neck or strong shoulders? Do you have a great butt or a warm heart? It can be both internal and external. Once you have that list, look at it. I mean really LOOK AT IT! It’s a great list of GREAT things that make you beautiful.





One thought on “What is Beauty?

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    Sarah, you are such an amazing person, and this post made me smile so big! We put so much pressure on ourselves to be what other people consider beautiful. Beauty to me, though, exists within people’s hearts and in the words that they speak. The most beautiful person in the world in an instant can lose all of that the instant the open their mouth. Your message here is vital, and I wish that more women and young girls would just love themselves for who they are. Love seeing a photo of you, by the way!!! xo


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