Sometimes You Just Have To Spoil Yourself!

Present-for-yourself-from-artful-sisterWe give a lot of gifts throughout the year. Think about it, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, holidays, christenings, and the other more random gifts. Well, why do we give so many gifts to others and not to ourselves? We do a lot of things we should celebrate more. We deserve a little something to lift ourselves and shower ourselves with pride of a “job well done”.

217It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes it’s just stopping for that GOOD coffee. Sometimes your gift can be a new outfit, or make-up, or meeting the girls for lunch. Just remember that when you are giving yourself a gift, it should be something YOU want, not an excuse to not feel guilt about an obligation.

  • Getting invited to do a Paint Nite with a group of girls and you like to paint but you are going because you feel like you shouldNot a gift to yourself!


  • While shopping at Target, you pick up a new pair of workout pants, not because you want them but because your old ones have holes in the crotch (and why always the crotch?!) – Not a gift for yourself!


  • Scheduling a hair cut and color because you work hard and you deserve to feel pampered – TOTALLY a gift to yourself!


  • Promising to work out everyday for two weeks, and doing it! So, you stop to get yourself a mani/pedi as a reward – YES! That’s a gift to yourself too.

Do you see the difference?

pamperIt’s because you don’t feel like you HAVE TO and it’s not something you NEED; it’s a reward or something you truly just WANT for yourself.

Now, what would you truly want to do to show yourself some love/pride/appreciation? What have you done lately that you want to pamper yourself for? If you do this already, share your tips or experiences?

Get that outfit, schedule that hair appointment, splurge on that mani/pedi.

OK, no excuses now…go out and do it!




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