Women Supporting Each Other – Vol 6

This is a women in business series that will post every Monday for a few months.

I find it so important for women to network, to share tips and tricks, and to spread the love they have for each other with support and encouragement. This series will share some of my girlfriend’s passions with others and allow my readers the chance to get to know a product or business. I hope you all enjoy the series!

Teegan McFall – Beautycounter


I am so blessed to know this awesome lady! I was lucky enough to meet her through my little sister and I knew right away I was going to LOVE her. She is sweet, funny, strong and beautiful! That hubby of hers sure hit the jackpot. Teegan is a busy lady; she is a mom, wife, hair stylist, jewelry designer and Beautycounter rep! Let’s see what Teegan had to say about her business:

Q: What made you start doing this?

A: I have always been very earth-conscious and health-conscious but became even more so since having children. I started thinking more and more about the food I was putting in my family’s bodies but then started learning more about how what we are putting ON our bodies affects our health, too.

The products that you put on your skin hit your bloodstream in less than 30 seconds! Also, I kept learning about how unregulated the beauty industry is in the United States, for example- the last time the government passed a federal law regulating the cosmetic industry was in 1938!!

In addition to that I’ve learned how few toxic ingredients are actually banned in other countries versus here in the US; almost 1,400 in the European Union, 600 in Canada but only 30 toxic ingredients are banned in the United States!!

Many of those toxic ingredients found in our every day beauty products and home products may be linked to all sorts of health problems like various types of cancers, infertility and other hormone disrupting illnesses, learning disabilities, etc. and this all terrified me but also empowered me to be part of the change I wanted to see happen in the world.

 beautycounterQ: What is the one thing that makes you stay with it?

A: I want to continue to be a voice for change. I think it’s very important to educate people on the products that they are using because when you know better you do better. It’s also important to me to advocate for better policies and laws.

 Q: What has working with this company or freelancing in this way allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: It has empowered my voice for change to leave this world a better place than the way I found it. It has also given me a very flexible work schedule while providing my family with a lucrative source of extra income to help pay off debts and have more financial freedom.

 Q: Anything else that you really want to share about what you do or what you rep for?

A: Being a part of Beautycounter’s mission to get better, safer products into the hands of everyone has opened up my eyes so much. It has helped me clean up the ingredients not only in my personal care products but my household cleaning products and every other product I use as well. Every product or food item that I purchase I look very closely at ALL of the ingredients to make sure I know exactly what I’m bringing into my family’s home. We have done a pretty serious household products detox!


You have probably seen these products and didn’t even know it. Recently local Target stores had a display of Beautycounter products!

I can tell you from my own experience, I love Beautycounter. I have a liquid foundation that is awesome (and lasts way longer than that drug store purchased stuff), a lipstick (Twig) that I love, and the charcoal soap that is also amazing! I love the way this makeup feels on my skin and doesn’t cause any reaction. It also covers well. I have super ruddy checks (boarders on Rosecea) and this foundation covers it super well.


After reading Teegan’s answers, isn’t it at least worth looking into treating your skin better! Give it a try!

To contact Teegan:

Teegan McFall





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