Date Night Review: “At Home With Monsters”

615975811_1280x720Recently the Hubs and I had a unique date night. We went to the Minneapolis Art Institute to see the special exhibit, “At Home With Monsters, Guillermo del Toro”. The Hubs and I have been together for a LONG time, but had never done anything like this before.

IMG_2924-1024x768As we arrived at the art museum, we held hands on the gorgeous sunny day. Up the amazing front steps and into the marble lobby, the light seemed to follow us in. We strolled through the museum we browsed through amazing Chinese and Japanese artwork since we had a little time. I even got a little choked up as we read the Japanese artwork descriptions, thinking of my grandma Ineko and how much she would have loved to see the art.IMAG1555

We walked through halls of paintings and sculpture. We passed Native American, African, Egyptian, and Roman artwork. Pausing at things that stole our attention. Separating as we were drawn to something, and then coming back together again.

Then we got in line for the special exhibit. As people passed by they were a bit expressionless. I was worried. What if it was a disappointment? What if it was a total waste of money. I turned to the Hubs and said, “Why does everyone look so unhappy?” He shrugged and we continued to wait in line. “Oh shit!”, I thought.

We walked through the front and were greeted by the Dark Angel from Hellboy II. She was stunning! I felt this rush of excitement and curiosity immediately. As we read the initial wall murals explaining the purpose of the show, we were refueled and full of anticipation once again.guillermo-del-toro-at-home-with-monsters -lacma-image

The work was sectioned of in segments. Some for inspiration from the Victorian era, another segment for classic horror, and one more for comics. It really captured Mr. del Toro’s inspiration from each of these places. From oddity to history, his work mixed in with works he has collected over the years, really felt like one cohesive thread.

The only negative I have to report is the video stations. So many people in such a small place crowding around a small tv monitor, began to get a little claustrophobic. There were certain videos I skipped altogether because I couldn’t stand how close so many people were.

This was a pretty dark and twisty exhibit. The Hubs and I are big fans of Guillermo del Toro and of horror in general, but not everyone will love this stuff. The point is that this was not something that we normally do. We do Minnesota Twins games, we do Irish pubs or car shows, we do rides on the bike or errands to Home Depot that end with a dinner sometimes. We got out of our USUAL and had a blast! Try something new! Explore a new area, check out a hot restaurant, go to a comedy show or museum! All those things that you see that you say, “We should check that out,” but never do, DO IT!

Oh and bonus..after all the dark and twisty, I also got to see a painting by my favorite Georgia O’Keefe!




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