What the Hell Can I Eat?

Organic, grass fed, no high fructose, non GMO, gluten free, real butter…I mean who knows what to eat any more?!

nosugar3Logically, I know that I should stay away from anything pre made, but who can do that entirely?! I mean I do not have time to milk a cow or bake fresh loaves of bread each day. And that homemade bread would have sugar and gluten, so it’s bad, right?


Doctors say each real butter, but it wasn’t that long ago that doctors said to eat margarine instead. Nutritionists say kale is a power food…oh, but wait, just kidding, it’s only a power food for people with certain metabolisms. GMOs are good, GMOs are bad! Soy is good, soy is bad! Coconut everything is healthy, no no wait a minute, I may be wrong because it’s high in fat.


download (5)With all this conflicting information, it is no wonder that people are so confused by what we should eat. I mean, it’s almost to the point where you give up and say, “pass the GMO-laden, sugar-filled cheesecake!” And don’t even get me started on trying to read labels! I mean do they just pull spoon fulls out of alphabet soup to come up with these words? What is sorbitol? How about azodicarbonamide?

are-our-foods-personal-care-products-making-us-sick-7-638And why do we here in the US put things in our food that other countries have listed as hazardous? Food coloring like Red #3 and Yellow #5 are known to cause cancer and yet we still put them in our food. Does anyone else think this is absolutely crazy!

Should food companies be able to market something as healthy that isn’t? Granola bars and meal replacements that are filled with “fake” ingredients, fillers, and known unhealthy things. I wonder why infertility, obesity, and food related allergies are at an all time high? Should we look at the “healthy” people that suffer with cancers for unknown reasons?

So, what do you eat? What is something that you think is healthy that now you aren’t sure of? How do you try to stay healthy (food, physically, or mentally)?

I am going to read this book and see if I can find anything that I can eat. Stay tuned for more on this subject.






2 thoughts on “What the Hell Can I Eat?

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! My brain hurts trying to keep up with what’s going to kill me next. Ugh! I don’t eat processed food and try to eat only whole foods. I have even begun buying organic ice cream, but who knows if that even means anything. It makes me feel better anyway. If there is a ton of ingredients that I can’t pronounce in something, I don’t eat it. In Canada, we are very lucky because our standards are higher, but you still have to know what you are putting in your body here as well. Just say no to Draino!


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