Women Supporting Each Other – Vol 4

This is a women in business series that will post every Monday for a few months.

I find it so important for women to network, to share tips and tricks, and to spread the love they have for each other with support and encouragement. This series will share some of my girlfriend’s passions with others and allow my readers the chance to get to know a product or business. I hope you all enjoy the series!

Volume 4. – Lacy Leigh – Agnes & Dora

This dark haired babe is all about fashion and style! She loves sharing style advice, making women feel and look their best, and is full of life! This busy mommy works and is a consultant, busy busy busy! While we met by sheer coincidence, I am convinced that having Lacy in my life and in my business circle was meant to be! She is always up for a new adventure and a lot of fun too. Check out Lacy’s answers to the questions below.FB_IMG_1495029661079[1]

Q: What is the product/ company that you are working with?

A:         Agnes and Dora, it’s a clothing company

Q: What made you start doing this?

A: I love fashion!

Q: What is the one thing that makes you stay with it?

A: The amazing clothing and of course the great team of girls I have!

Q: What has working with this company or freelancing in this way allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: This has allowed me to bring in extra money to do extra things with my kids and provide things we can’t normally afford!

Q: Anything else that you really want to share about what you do or what you rep for?

A:  I love to do in home girls days/nights and shop and laugh and have a great time!


Agnes and Dora are new to me too, but just a quick look at all the fashion options and I am so excited! They have great styles and amazing patterns. If you are interested in checking this awesome clothing out, just reach out to Lacy at Agnesanddora.lacyleigh@gmail.com or check out her online boutique REBELLIOUSJADEBOUTIQUE.COM.



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