I Am Begging You!

woman-drivingDo you have $12 dollars? Do you have a car that was made at any point after the year 2008? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then why the hell are people still holding a phone while driving?!

I mean a bluetooth is literally found in the impulse lane at the grocery store or corner gas station but people are still driving around without one. Hello! This is crazy! I am not the only one that thinks this is crazy, right?

distracted-driving (1)I have seen people reading books (yes, actual novels) and mail in the car. I have seen them having a full breakfast (cereal bowl and spoon and all). I have seen grooming and make-up being done in the car. Now, technology has yet to come up with a way that we can still accomplish these things while driving and not be distracted, however, technology has come up with a way to talk on the phone.

Come on people! Think about it. You do not want your kid texting while driving but you yourself will do it?! What are you teaching them, that the rules don’t apply to them? Did you know that the age groups 20-29 & 30-39 have the most fatality crashes due to distracted driving? image002

Let’s make a promise to make our roads safer by putting down our phones. Buy yourself a Bluetooth or a hands free system for your vehicle, pull over and park your car while looking up directions and sending an urgent text, and let the calls and texts go while you are driving if you can’t do either of the other things.


Here is an example of a super affordable Bluetooth.

The Hubs literally just saw someone in the last couple weeks get airlifted to the hospital because they were hit by a distracted driver. Worst yet, this is an intersection that had just had a distracted driver fatality last year…the same exact place! Nothing is that important on your phone that it is worth losing your life or causing someone else’s to be cut short.


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