Women Supporting Each Other – Vol 3

This is a women in business series that will post every Monday for a few months.

I find it so important for women to network, to share tips and tricks, and to spread the love they have for each other with support and encouragement. This series will share some of my girlfriend’s passions with others and allow my readers the chance to get to know a product or business. I hope you all enjoy the series!

Volume 3. – Susan Wallace – Norwex


Where do I begin with Susan?! This amazing woman is so outgoing and warm. She is a great colleague, a smart business woman, a great mom and wife, and a super supportive friend! Her enthusiasm for her Norwex products completely sell these products on their own. While she may “hate” the idea of “pushing” people to buy the products, once she shows her passion, it’s hard to resist. Check out Susan’s answers to a few questions about her business.

Q: What is the product/ company that you are working with?

A: Norwex

Q: What made you start doing this?

A: Besides my full-time job in marketing, I also enjoyed doing side projects for small business such as website development. One day I got a call from a local woman who was a Norwex Executive Vice President Sales Leader wanting to build a site for her direct team of consultants. We met and talked for an hour or so about the plan and she left me with two products, the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth, just to try, so I knew what the business was built on.

While I loved the concept of all-natural cleaning products that reduced my carbon footprint, kept nasty chemicals out of my home, and reduced the negative impact on the environment, I’m not easily sold on “niche” products.  Especially when I don’t feel I’m getting the best bang for my buck.

That was not the case with Norwex!norwex2

I cleaned for about six hours after she left!  Just those two products had me hooked!  I cleaned EVERYTHING with them. Those two cloths and just water cleaned BETTER and faster than any of my other cleaners or tools!  After that I ended up hosting a party (to get more products, of course), and donating nearly all my traditional cleaning products. Since then I have been cleaning with just water and Norwex.

Q: What is the one thing that makes you stay with it?

A: I believe the world has become a “throw-away” world. While we’re better about recycling, we’re still a society not fully aware of what we put into the earth, including cleaning chemicals. I love passing the word on and telling people how simple and easy to keep chemicals out of the earth and out of your homes. I’ve tried other brands that do “all-natural” cleaning products. Most have one or two products which are great, but the rest of the lines seem to sneak in chemicals here and there. Norwex is the one I can trust the most. I know that when I’m using their products I’m keeping chemicals out of my life.

Q: What has working with this company or freelancing in this way allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: Working with Norwex has been incredibly easy. I signed up just over a year ago and didn’t announce that I was a consultant to friends and family until about two months ago. I basically was a consultant to get my discount. But once I came out, it was unbelievable how many people wanted to know more and became instant customers. It’s fun and easy to earn extra cash!

Q: Anything else that you really want to share about what you do or what you rep for?

A: Transitioning away from chemicals was surprisingly easy, BUT I must admit I did have some difficulty getting away from some items like scented laundry detergent. But once I read more about how most scents are toxic, I realized that it had to go, too. Now I feel much better about what is on my family’s skin. (Not to mention the detergent works great for other cleaning purposes, as well!)

In all honesty, I have these products and LOVE them! The Hubs and I keep the travels cloths in the car and camera bags to do quick phone screen, sunglasses, or camera lens cleaning. We have multiple cloths for the home and I cannot wait to replace my Swiffer with a Norwex sweeper. I just started using the laundry products and they are a hit! The dish soap is also great, as it leaves none of the remnants that cause souring of your dish cloths.

Not only am I a fan, my mom has given these aways as gifts and swears by them too! I only wish I had a video of her cleaning butter off my sliding glass door with just a damp cloth, you’d be buying her stuff right now!norwex 3

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