How Can You Be Heartbroken and Proud At The Same Time?

images (17)On Wednesday May 25th this Kare11 news story was told. An investigative report into nursing home/ recovery care center’s lack of reporting facility complaints. It was just over six month ago that my grandmother passed away after complications due to a fall and respective hip surgery. Her story was told in that news story.

download (2)I cannot express the pain of losing a loved one. The memories that flood your mind when you do even the smallest chore are warm and yet shake your very spirit. I smile and laugh at thoughts of my grandmother as tears roll down my cheeks due to the pain of missing her at the same time. The news story was just another one of those moments for me. Watching the video of her singing to her sweet great grandchild made me remember how she would sing to each of us as we grew.

IMG_0108While I sat watching I felt heartbroken but also a huge sense of pride. I am proud of my grandfather for speaking up and defending his wife. I am proud of my family for coming together through her passing to support each other and respectfully demand changes to a broken system. I am proud that this amazing woman was my grandma and her story will help others.Scan0092

Watch this news story, please! Know that we can make a change! Our voices do not go unheard! Spread the word to care for our elders. These men and women that have worked so hard throughout their lives deserve to be exalted and respected in their final days, not ignored and mistreated.

Not all places are like the one being investigated here. Also, the staff in most of these places is caring, kind, good hearted, and not trying to hurt or cause anyone pain. Unfortunately, most of the problems lay with issues of staffing numbers and education/experience levels, red tape bureaucracy, and poor choices of financial spending.

Please join me in bringing awareness to this issue. Please stand with me and my family as we try to pave the way to better treatment of our elders. Please spread the word and pay close attention to those family members in care facilities. Ask questions, demand answers, and listen to your loved ones.


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