Women Supporting Each Other – Vol 2

This is a women in business series that will post every Monday for a few months.

I find it so important for women to network, to share tips and tricks, and to spread the love they have for each other with support and encouragement. This series will share some of my girlfriend’s passions with others and allow my readers the chance to get to know a product or business. I hope you all enjoy the series!

Volume . – LaTrice Briggs – LuLaRoe

FB_IMG_1495025805501LaTrice is an amazing shining star! This wife and mother has a bubbly personality and welcoming smile makes her the perfect representative of her brand. Can you believe she was a cheerleader…of course you can! LaTrice not only is a strong and confident woman, she loves helping to make others feel that way too. We’ll forgive her that she is a “cake-eater” from Eden Prairie because she is just so darn loveable! I asked Latrice a few questions, check out her answers!


Q: What made you start doing this?

A: I fell in love with lularoe because of how it made me feel. It makes me feel strong, confident and amazingly beautiful. I am eternally grateful for this company for giving me confidence and allowing for me to be me, allowing me to help others feel confident, and beautiful on the inside and outside with all our beautiful clothing, and for empowering millions of women like me. My why is just that, inspiring confidence and empowering women to allow them to be themselves and rocking this world as a STRONG CONFIDENT WOMAN who is ready to conquer the world.
Thank you, Lularoe, and Thank you to my LuLaRoe family who have allowed me to help you feel amazingly beautiful as a strong confident woman 💕

Q: What is the one thing that makes you stay with it?

A: LuLaRoe is direct sales clothing company. What makes us different than most companies is we don’t have a catalog because our inventory is constantly changing! Every week we get new patterns and only a limited number of prints are made. So, if you see something you like and it’s in your size then claim it because somebody else will! Let’s not forget how amazing these clothes are. We are simply comfortable clothing at affordable prices.

LulaRoe ONLY makes around 5000 pieces in a given print. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU LIKE, BUY IT!! otherwise it will probably be gone! Lularoe is family orientated and has allowed me to create my own hours.

Q: What has working with this company or freelancing in this way allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: I have been allowed to provide for my family and we are saving up for a special family vacation we will all decide on together

Q: Anything else that you really want to share about what you do or what you rep for?

A: If you have any questions, or concerns shoot me an email or facebook message!
Thanks for Shopping!
Invite your friends and family to join!!


FB_IMG_1495025798042I will say that I also LOVE LuLaRoe! I have many pieces and have shouted out on this blog before about the love of this brand. LaTrice is one of those reps that is not only a lover of what she sells but she stands behind offering amazing customer service. Check her and these amazing clothes out!




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