A Long Weekend

memorial-day-rememberThis weekend is one that many of us look forward to. It’s our first work break since New Years, it’s the marking of the beginning of summer, it’s when most of us get together for the first cookout of the year, and it’s a time to get the neglected yard in shape after winter. But Memorial Day weekend is so much more than that!

best-quotes-for-memorial-day-2015-American-dayIt’s about us being able to live free and the cost that so many have paid to let us live this way. It is about families and friends that offer us protection from harm and defense when our freedoms are in jeopardy. It’s the men and women that face danger to come to the aid of millions of people that they don’t even know out of a sense of duty and respect for our country.

My grandfathers (all 3) were each a members of the military and the Hubs family is much the same. We have friends and family that are dear to us as part of almost every branch of the military. Each of these people have fought, have sacrificed, and have brought honor to us and our country as men/women in uniform. I also volunteered when I was much younger with an elderly care facility and spent hours talking to veterans of many wars about their experiences. So, for me this is not just a time for grilled burgers and gardening, this is a time to show respect to those that allow me to live the life I do.

What do you do to honor those that serve(d) on Memorial Day? Do you take flowers and flags to those service members graves or take part in Memorial parades?Memorial-Day-Quotes-Sayings

Please take a moment out of they weekend to honor those that you know that have served. It can be as simple as calling a parent or grandparent, reaching out a hand to a vet and saying thank you, placing flags, flowers or wreaths at a loved ones grave, or taking part in the Memorial Day events near you.


If you live near me, here are a few local events you could take part in:

MONDAY EVENTSMemorial-Day-Flag-Website-Banner_edited-1

For those that do not live in the Minnesota metro, please see your local news website or newspaper for listings in your area.

I encourage you to sit with a vet and hear their story, you have no idea what an amazing impact it can make on both your life and theirs!


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