Women Supporting Each Other – Vol. 1

Today I am starting a new series of posts. This is a women in business series that will post every Monday for a few months.

I find it so important for women to network, to share tips and tricks, and to spread the love they have for each other with support and encouragement. This series will share some of my girlfriend’s passions with others and allow my readers the chance to get to know a product or business. I hope you all enjoy the series!

Volume 1. – Debbie Cantone – Young Living Essential Oils


Let me tell you a little something about this awesome Boston babe! She is one of the most fun and supportive women I have ever met. One amazing weekend with her and I have found a new life long gal pal. Debbie is not only a fun friend but an amazing inspiration! She has traveled many hard roads in her life, including losing family members and a battle with cancer, and yet has the brightest smile I have ever seen. Always willing to be a shoulder to lean on, Debbie is so warm and caring! To Debbie family isn’t about a blood relation but about a bond that connects our souls together. I am so excited for Debbie to be the first in this new series and cannot wait for you to learn more about her products.

images (8)I asked Debbie some quick questions about why these products are so important to her, what working with this company has done for her, and what she wants you to know about this product!

Q: What made you start doing this?

A: I needed a healthier lifestyle and a natural way to recharge my mind and body.

Q: What is the one thing that makes you stay with it?

A: The quality of the products and the benefits it provides.

Q: What has working with this company or freelancing in this way allowed you to do that you couldn’t before?

A: To educate people on the natural ways to heal your body and mind with out hundreds of chemicals that we introduce daily to our body.

Q: Anything else that you really want to share about what you do or what you rep for?

A: Essential Oils are really boosting in the market however don’t always believe the hype of the pop up companies! When they say they are selling 100% pure lemon oil and then state on the bottle “do not ingest” … ask yourself well why can’t I ingest lemon …. what else are they putting in these bottles!!!

Oils are not regulated so they can do what they want and say what they want on the labels – BUT Young Living fields, distills, bottle 100% pure oils themselves all the time! There are not additives or preservatives or harsh chemicals!

I can tell you from my very own experience that having Debbie’s mix of oils has been a lifesaver! From cooling my horrible acid reflux/ heartburn to relieving pain in my sprained ankle to using her lemon oil to make a homemade carpet refresher, Young Living Oils have been awesome!

Check out this awesome product!


If you want to contact Debbie about Young Living Essential Oils please do so at olie02780@comcast.net



2 thoughts on “Women Supporting Each Other – Vol. 1

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    Great idea to promote women in business. Debbie is a real inspiration and reading about her story and strength has encouraged me to keep smiling and pushing through life’s obstacles. Thanks for sharing her with us!


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