Some Say It’s “Easy”

images (12)In light of the most recent news, Chris Cornell’s death by suicide, I write this post for all those suffering, for those that have lost the battle, and for those families that have lost someone to suicide.I have heard people call suicide “the easy way out”. Well, I cannot even fathom this thought. To be so racked with emotions that destroy your ability to cope. To be so helpless and feel so alone. To consider missing moments in your child’s life or with loved ones and to feel like all those you love would be better off without you. there-is-no-easy-way-from-the-earth-to-the-stars.png.500This is not EASY. These thoughts, living with depression, and the act of taking your own life is not EASY.

I have heard suicide is “selfish”. Well, yes it is but it’s the sickness’ selfishness not the person themselves. It’s selfish because it persuades the sufferer that it’s always right, it’s always powerful, it’s always in charge.

Depression and thoughts of suicide are not just a sadness, it is a choke hold that your brain has on your soul and spirit. It is a choking infectious smog, an utter physical exhaustion that leaves you numb and pained at the same time.


large (1)Please know I am not condoning suicide in the least. If you have read my previous posts you know I have struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide for my whole life. I can think of much EASIER ways of living. Like living without your chemical make up fooling and tricking you to feel insignificant. It would be easier to wake up and have breakfast and your only thought being, “look out world, I am on my way!” rather than wishing you didn’t wake up or having an inner argument of the value of breathing for another day.

Suicide-Prevention-Is-a-Focus-in-SeptemberPlease be there for your friends and family that are struggling! Please reach out to one another and offer help in any way you can. It can be just a shoulder to lean on, it can be a silly joke to turn a mood from unending darkness to a shining ray of light through the clouds, or you can contact friends, family or authorities (they may be mad at you for a bit for this one, but they will get over it) if you worry that they are a real threat to themselves.

images (14)If you are a sufferer, please know you are not alone! Please know that there is always someone willing to reach out their hand and help you take one more step. Please know that those loved ones will be greatly impacted and miss every moment of your presence even if you don’t think so.



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




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