My Middle Name is Not Grace!

You are all aware that I was on vacation / wedding photo trip last week. Well, the weather was great, the group of people we were with were fantastic, and night one I fell and busted my ankle (thankfully not broken but sprained badly!)!

Now, I will never claim to be graceful! I have bruises up and down my legs from running into everything (and some from the new cone that Frankie is sporting!), but this was a doozy!



with a little of this:


So, I spent the rest of vacation on rental crutches and ice bags on my ankle.


I suppose if there is a place to heal up, by the pool is not a bad choice!

Thankfully, the Hubs was a great nurse, photography assistant, and overall caretaker. He almost never even left my side.


More stories to come of the vacation!




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