Muskrat Love?

So, in normal Thompson fashion (or at least in our household), we had to have a little drama before leaving on vacation. Get this! So, our little Frankie, (who by the way is terrified of a plastic bag) is out for his morning piddle. I am standing by the door peering into the 5 am darkness and I see him pawing at something in the grass. Well, I figured it was a baby bunny since it is that time of year.

I head out into the darkness with my cell phone flashlight guiding the way. I see Frankie and he is relentlessly going after something but I don’t see anything. Suddenly, it rears up and the light belly and snarling teeth catch the light. It is not a bunny, it is a muskrat!

I grab Frankie and get him in the house, pulling on his collar as he is trying to get back into the fight. Once inside I quickly look at him and scold him for not coming in when I called him. We head back upstairs but he is acting funny. He won’t jump up with the Hubs to snuggle back to sleep. I call him into the dimly lit bathroom and gently grab his face and say, “What’s a matter baby?” As I pull my hand away a pool of blood has settled into my palm.
FB_IMG_1492514474908“Hey honey, can you please wake up and come here? Frankie is bleeding really bad!” The Hubs gets out of bed and comes to take a look. Frankie has a 2 inch gash through his cheek and a bunch of other little war wounds. The Hubs applies pressure and I start bawling! Once we get the bleeding under control, the Hubs goes outside to check on the animal. It appears this muskrat had gotten stuck in our chain link fence coming into the yard at some point in the night and since he was trapped when Frankie started messing with him, he fought back.

Well, long story short. The Hubs removed the muskrat carefully from the fence and released it (although I would have liked it dead) and Frankie and I went to the vet where he was stitched up and IMAG1510_BURST004_1given a cone for the next 12 days.

Muskrat 1 – Frankie 0

Check out this news story talking about the uprising of these nasty little critters,

Influx of Muskrats Creating Problems in White Bear Lake





One thought on “Muskrat Love?

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    Geezus. I am so glad that little Frankie is okay! It could have been SO much worse! My Jack Russell’s (aka Jack Asses) cornered a raccoon under the deck one morning, and I was fairly certain it was going to be a duel to the death, but luckily the raccoon decided it had better things to do than deal with those two jerks! Phew! Enjoy Frankie snuggles tonight! 💕


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