I Like To Shoot People On Their Wedding Days.

If you have read this blog, then you know that is a photography thing. If you are new, I am sorry I startled you. Just a little photography humor.

dog_vacationSo, I am off to the resort in just a few short hours and I will be patiently awaiting the wedding day. I cannot wait to shoot this beachy wedding! Here are a few tips that I live by when getting ready for a wedding photo shoot.

  1. Communicate clearly. Make sure you have discussed EXACTLY what is expected of you with the bride and groom.
  2. Create a check list. put all of that discussion into a check list and have everyone review and sign. Here is an example of my list. Photo contract sample
  3. Set up a joint Pinterest account/ board so that the bride can share ideas in picture form. this way you can see what artistic direction she is looking for.
  4. Load up on extras! Extra batteries, memory cards, flash drive, UV filters, etc. Better to have too much then get stuck without and not get the shot.
  5. Scout out the location at the time of the event. This is SO important! If you scout it out in the morning, your lighting will be completely different for a 5pm wedding.
  6. Shoot the small details. Photograph rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus etc – these help give the end album an extra dimension.
  7. Don’t Discard Your ‘Mistakes.’ The temptation with digital is to check images as you go and to delete those that don’t work immediately. The problem with this is that you might just be getting rid of some of the more interesting and useable images. Keep in mind that images can be cropped or manipulated later to give you some more arty/abstract looking shots that can add real interest to the end album.
  8. Continuous Shooting Mode/ Sound off. Having the ability to shoot a lot of images fast is very handy on a wedding day so switch your camera to continuous shooting mode and use it. Sometimes it’s the shot you take a second after the formal or posed shot when everyone is relaxing that really captures the moment! Turn your sound off too, beeps during speeches, the kiss and vows don’t add to the event. Switch off sound before hand and keep it off.
  9. Be bossy but don’t be a bitch! You are there to get a shot. Say what you need and tell people where to be, but do it in a way that people will respond to and not ruin the mood. 
  10. Have fun and enjoy the moment too! If you are not having fun, it will show in your photos. People respond to how you carry yourself and the vibe you set off.

images (7)

Ok folks! See ya later! I will have some fun things to talk about once we get back!




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