To the Person(s) That Created…

To the person or persons that created bikinis or bathing suits in general, skinny jeans, dressing room mirrors, Spanx, stiletto heels, and body waxing, you are not kind!trying-on-clothes-at-the-mall

Most people can relate that all said things are awful! This is no surprise. Most women hate all of them and yet we feel like we have to look a certain way in front of dates, friends, family, and even our co-workers (as if they give two shits what we are wearing).images (2)

It is torturous to try on clothes in a dressing room. Then once you get them on, that damn mirror makes you look lumpy and disproportionate. “That’s what I look like!?”


Then I have to take it all back off and try again.


And then there is the waxing. Check out these amazingly funny videos from That’s Inappropriate when she goes to get waxed for the first time.

Episode 1

Episode 2

So, at the end of the day we are hairless, stuffed into a layer of Spanx and then skinny jeans, unable to breath, and walking around one sneeze away from a broken rib. Yup, thanks Mr. designer! You sir, are an asshole!

So for all of you that hate to pull on the Spanx, prefer to not break your ankles in stilettos, and love the feel of a nice frumpy oversized t-shirt and sweats; Cheers! For those that are going to shove yourself in any of the aforementioned torture devices, here’s a recipe for you!

Recipe – Detox Water Recipes








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