Getting Out Of Here!

It has been altogether too heavy on my blog for the last few posts. Important stuff, but a little much day after day.sunshine

Time to lighten it up with talks of VACATION! Well folks, the countdown is nearing single digits and it is almost vacation time! I cannot wait for 10 glorious days in the sun and sand. The last few days have been Spring’s usual grey, drizzly, and dreary and I have had about enough. So looking forward to the sun, oh wait, I already said that. Oh well, I really am excited!Japanese-packing

So, as the packing of the suitcases have commenced, I am wondering what the heck I should be bringing. This is the Hubs and my first beachy vacation, our first non-family visiting vacation, and our first experience with the all-inclusive resort life. Do I need fancy clothes for supper? Do you hang on the beach or at the pool? Do I bring a whole pack of make-up or just sun screen? How many swim suits?

I found this blog post:

What to Pack for an All-Inclusive Resort and it seems like a good list.

If you are stuck here and not going on vacation, I will totally understand any jealous comments or lack of input, but if you have any experience with such trips, I would love to know tips and tricks!


Also, what is your summer reading list looking like? I am thinking of reading this on vacation, but would also love some good suggestions for my Kindle or Audible account. I also have the Penn Cage series by Greg Iles on my list. If you haven’t read “The Quiet Game” it’s a pretty good crime/suspense novel.

So, where you goin’? Whatcha packin’? Whatcha readin’?


Recipe: Sweet Thai Lettuce Wraps

I made these just last weekend (well twice last weekend) and everyone said they taste just like those restaurant ones. So good and SOOO easy!




2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of Here!

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    I love Lauren Graham, so good choice! Right now I am in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series, so I have a one track mind at the moment – Hogwarts. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, is quite frankly, the funniest book I have ever read. And as far as your all-inclusive vacation…enjoy!! Eat, drink and be merry and make sure to wear lots of suntan lotion! ☀️


  2. thompsonhouseblog says:

    Love it! I am listening to the Audiobook of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and it is a riot! I also have to read the Harry Potter series. I got the lot last year and have had so many other books going that I haven’t dared to start the long haul with them yet. I will definitely let you know how the book is.


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