Ahh, The Good Ol Days

Do you remember when the best gift you got from your boyfriend was a mixtape? No one needed expensive jewelry, fancy electronics, or some big public display of love. Just a simple little tape in your locker would tell you just how he felt! Each song on the tape was meant to mean something special about your relationship, reference a special moment, or was your “favorite” songs. It was such a grand gesture to get that little cassette with the a hand written label and listings of the songs.

If you are too young to remember this, I am very sorry for you. You missed out. If you are too young to even know what a cassette tape is, see the picture above…well, that’s a cassette tape. It’s like a way less dependable way of recording music than burning a CD. See the heart bit? Well that was inside the tape, and if all went well it would stay inside the plastic casing and continue to play for you. Occasionally, however, those innards would inexplicably shoot out and tangle around itself. This was the end of the world! Or at least until you found a pencil (no not a mechanical one, but a real solid wood yellow pencil) and wound the inside back up.

130909210310-07-cassette-0909-horizontal-large-galleryOk, history lesson over.

Anyway, the point of this rant….

I heard a song from one of my mixtapes from years ago on the radio this morning. I decided then that I long for the mixtape days! I miss how simple life was. I miss a simple display of affection that was so personal that it made that silly little plastic seem like it was gold. I miss the lack of social input on what was on your tape or who gave it to you. I miss the anonymity of it if one just inexplicably appeared with your name on it.

I can still remember orders of certain tapes. Like if I hear a specific song from one of those tapes, I can then start singing the songs that came after it. That is how much those silly little things meant.FB_IMG_1490830923913

So, who’s with me? Anyone still have one of those amazing little relics? Anyone still listen to one? If you could do a mixtape today, what would be on it and who would you make it for?


Magic Chicken Pot Pie (remember that Magic Chicken recipe from a couple days ago?)




3 thoughts on “Ahh, The Good Ol Days

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    Oh man, talk about going back in time. I had a mixtape loaded with Chicago when I was in my teens (sadly, I made it for myself. HA!), but those were the days! When I was in grade 3, my boyfriend carved me a dog out of a bar of soap and painted it brown. It was incredible, and I can’t believe in my 20’s I threw it out. I would love to see that little dog today. I suspect he did very well with the ladies over the years! Thanks for the trip back in time!


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