Review: Jenny Lawson – Everything

If you are not following Jenny’s blog, reading her books, and overall worshipping the very ground she walks on; you are totally missing out! I have mentioned this hilarious and brutally honest writer before, and she is my hero! Her books are all about her difficulty with depression, anxiety, and the craziness that life has thrown at her. I mean, who can’t relate to this?!about

I was first turned on to her blog by a fellow classmate who mentioned it in one of our discussions about blogs they liked. That very moment, as she was describing the outlandish and goofy posts of the past, I typed her link in my laptop browser. The title that popped up on my screen, “Dead duck at 2am.” I mean, how could I not read on!?! salon_lawson

Well from that very moment I have been hooked. I religiously follow her blog, anxiously awaiting her next post. I now own 2 of her 3 books in physical copies, the other on audiobook. I participated in her Booksgiving (which is amazing!), where people put books on an Amazon public wish list and then post them in the comments and magically *poof* books start arriving in your mailbox (but don’t be an asshole, if you are going to participate that means you get a book for someone else too!). It is the most unselfish and awesome thing! She even has an online shop with goofy things she makes and funny little quotes.

I have spent the last few days crying, laughing, coloring (because one is a coloring book too) and highlighting passages in each book. There is something amazing about someone being able to describe the exact way you feel in words that you could have never thought of! Like her being terrified to record her first audiobook and hearing this advice from a friend:

Hello! Why has someone not given me this advice? That is genius!!! And possibly my next tattoo. I also love this one:



I mean how smart and funny and honest and gorgeous is this lady! Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you to follow her, then you will see that I am not nearly as great and you will leave me. Don’t leave me! Please!

download (1)

No seriously, check her out! Tell me what you think. Do you love her too? Should we form a “We Love Jenny” fanclub (haha wait there already is one on Facebook..dang late to the party again!). Anyhow, do you have any amazing authors/bloggers/people that you think everyone should follow?

If you want to buy one of Jenny’s amazing books, click here for the Amazon link to all three.



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