Maybe Baby Wants To Be In The Corner!

images(24)How presumptuous of us to think that “Johnny” was doing her a favor by pulling her out! In my opinion, Baby may have very well been suffering from social anxiety!

I mean, the corner is protective, the corner is stable, the corner is, well it’s the perfect observation point. So, the corner may have very well been exactly where Baby wanted to be!



Thought this “symptom” wheel was important.


As someone who is sometimes crippled by the thought that people are judging and talking about me in social settings, I see a couple telltale signs that Baby may be a fellow sufferer.images (23)

  • First of all, she has inner bouts between total confidence and none at all.
  • She is awkward in social settings.
  • She clings to and depends on the reassurance of one person.
  • She opens up to very few people.
  • When she does open up, it’s a totally tsunami of emotion.
  • She is often self critical (“I carried a WATERMELON, ugh!”) and self deprecating.

Ok, in all seriousness, this post is not about a fictional movie character. This post is about understanding that social anxiety is everywhere. It’s about knowing that you are not alone in feeling this way. It’s about telling those around us that this is how we feel.

images (22)

We can’t just picture people in their underwear while giving a speech. Hell, that may make the panic even worse! We cannot just look in the mirror and “see all of the great things about ourselves that people will like”. The mirror only shows us our flaws and convinces us that yoga pants and a blankie on the couch looks pretty good on us.

images (25)

It’s important for everyone to know, we did not pick these feelings or this condition! We do not like that we get this way! We do understand that it is not “normal” to have a panic attack before a family Christmas party because of what you are worried they are going to say about you behind your back! This is a work in progress. We may never be “all better”, but we can continue to work on ourselves and find things that help us through these situations.

If you do suffer; here is an article that you may find helpful.


If you or someone you know needs further help, check out this organization:



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