Do People Know What Etiquette is Anymore?

When did it become ok to tell all of Facebook when someone passes or when someone is sick? I mean, Facebook or social media is a great tool for networking and keeping in touch but there are some things that deserve a phone call or something, right?images (19)

Recently, I found out via a Facebook post that a family member is sick. In their defense, my family is HUGE and not all of us are close. However, certain people in my family do speak almost daily and one of their best qualities is their ability to gossip or talk about others, so this actually isn’t an excuse. 240_F_99671931_0TOLSFe2nrPAJpnVc4Qr5WdGgyZvSdOI


So, what do you think? Should people post about their illnesses or a passing on Facebook? If they do post, should it be more than, “Hey, I have cancer!”? What do you think the proper amount of time is before posting about these sensitive topics?



Tastefully Simple – Magic Chicken

Can I just boast about this for one second!? This chicken has the best flavor ever! Super good by itself just on a roll or up the ante with a little BBQ sauce. Great for soup, good on salad, and so so easy! Give it a try. I will share some more recipes of what you can do with the “Magic Chicken” in future posts. ENJOY

magic chicken.PNG

3 thoughts on “Do People Know What Etiquette is Anymore?

  1. the incurable dreamer says:

    I think Facebook is ruining the world. Dramatic much?! But seriously, it is ridiculous what people post on there these days and it is as though NOTHING is private anymore. Ahhhh! I didn’t grow up with FB, or any social media for that matter, and when someone was sick or dead people picked up the phone and called those who needed to know about it. We weren’t finding out about it on bloody FB!! I hate it and don’t go on FB because it drives me bonkers!! So, I am with you! Call your family, or send an email. Your whole friends list doesn’t need to know that Aunt Mabel has a bad case of diarrhea! 🙄


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