And This is Why I Shop With Amazon

So, I have ordered like a gazillion wedding dresses for my cousin to try for her Mexico wedding in a month. Since I am a faithful Amazon customer, most of these have been through Amazon. Well, today confirmed that Amazon will continue to have my business forever!

I dropped a return (6 dresses) off to a local UPS store March 10th at around 4pm and since have made 6 calls to find out why Amazon had not received my items yet. Each time I get some load of crap about the tracking numbers, computers being down, etc. Well, today they said I would have to start an inquiry with Amazon.

“Ugh, great,” I thought.14w3jb

Well, thanks to the amazing customer service…they just refunded me. That’s it. No hurdles to jump, no hoops to juggle, no extra proof or empty promises. Done! AMAZING!

Here is the chat that I had with said wonderful customer service rep:




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