Everyone Needs A Little Pooh

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His head may be made out of fluff, but he is one smart bear!  I love this quote above, it makes me remember that those we love are never more than a dream away. Come to think of it, a little Pooh can solve almost any dilemma.

Feeling confused; there’s a Pooh-ism for that:


How about self-conscious; there’s a Pooh-ism for that:

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Pooh on diets:

(I love how this bear thinks!)


On being messy:

images (17)

Pooh on friendship:

images (16)



And on loss:

images (15)

Pooh on persistence:

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And on confidence:


And of course, Pooh on LOVE:

You are never too old for a little advice from this silly old bear! And don’t we all need a little advice now and then.

What are your favorite Pooh-isms?


Cilantro Lime Baked Salmon

I made this Sunday night. Served with a side of Jasmine Rice with peppers and side salad..YUM!

Super fast and easy. I will say, salt and pepper liberally or add a few flakes of sea salt or kosher salt at the end. Also, the butter mix would be good if you added a couple dashes of red pepper flakes, this needs just a little something more.




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