And We Thought Neon and Leg Warmers Were Bad.

Ok, please tell me these are a joke.

I mean, when you open Facebook and see that these clothing items are “trending” it makes you rethink your association with the human race. I may be a bit old fashioned but I think most people will agree that these are awful! So, is this a joke and the jokers are waiting to see who falls for it or what?!

  1. Camel Toe Padded Underwear – No idea when having a “Camel Toe” was deemed as attractive, but these undergarments take the offense and exaggerate it even more. Yuck! I cannot even think to wrap my head around this!camel_toe_underwear-e1486750055842
  2. Clear (Plastic) Knee Jeans – What on Earth!?!?! Because buying your brand new jeans with holes and “distresses” wasn’t bad enough, let’s add some plastic to them. I mean, why? Can anyone answer me as to why? Does the plastic serve a purpose? download (17)

I give all my friends and family full permission that if I ever am caught wearing either of these, they may hit me with their car!

So, what crazy fashion stuff are you seeing? What trendy or “new” items are you questioning?


Deep Dish Reuben Pierogi recipe from Food Network’s “The Kitchen” by Jeff Mauro


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