Kids Are Assholes!

When I was young, kids in school said something about someone having snarled hair or if their clothes were stinky. Today, however, kids say the most unthinkable things to each other!480-youtube_ZOt-i_1jjK0

Just the other day I was talking to my sister. She was telling me that my 12 year old niece was being told to kill herself by a group of kids at school. I was blown away! Kill herself?! What the hell! typesOfBullying-02

So I immediately asked if we knew who it was and where they lived because my husband is in construction and I am sure we could find a job site to throw them in. Then I retracted my statements because thinking about offing a 12 year old (especially one that is not my own child) makes me a bit of a monster. But seriously! This is insane!

I mean kids say things like,

“You’re so weird that you should kill yourself.” or “You’re so fat you should be bulimicdownload (2) and go throw up.” or they spread rumors about girls getting abortions and being slutty and post rumors or threats on social media.

I am not one of these that think all teasing is bullying. I don’t think that kids should never tease each other or that all kids need participation trophies in order to not hurt their feeling but telling someone to kill themselves or wishing someone toimages (10) cause harm to themselves is crossing the line!

First, where are these kids parents? What the hell have they taught their children that allows this vile dribble to escape their mouths? Second, when did encouraging someone to kill themselves be so simply spewed out of kids mouths? Last, what are schools and parents supposed to do  if they cannot discipline their children without fear of Child Services pounding down the door? And should we care if Child Services pounds down the door if we are building better human beings? But, if we open that Pandora’s box are we encouraging child abuse….oh my God, we really can’t win!

For help with bullying click here:










3 thoughts on “Kids Are Assholes!

    • thompsonhouseblog says:

      That is terrible! First being a lesbian should not be used as a negative and second telling someone that people will not like them is the worst! Best of luck to you and your daughter! Thanks for sharing. We need to stick together and share these stories so that the kids in our lives know we have their back.

      Liked by 1 person

      • allthethings3 says:

        Yes, I often talk to my kids about how feels when people are mean. I remember Jr high and those kids were rotten. I never want my kids to behave that way!


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