Put Your Feet Up, Grab a Glass of Wine, Hit Play

We’ve all had those weeks. You know, the weeks when your calendar is booked up for as long as you can see. The times where you have been running for weeks and are at your wits end. You dream of being in comfortable sweats, having no obligations, and kicking up your feet.dominique-falla-0041

Well those dreams make way for days when you just have to turn off your phone, close the blinds, and get comfy in front of the tv. I don’t condone this everyday, but I also do not judge. If you feel the need that is up to you. No matter when you choose to binge here are a couple suggestions of shows to binge watch. getty-107071125-tv-Newton Daly


  • CROSSING LINES – good typical crime drama
  • SAN CLARITA DIET – hilariously campy
  • GILMORE GIRLS – quick wit and cute story
  • THE FALL – creepy but salacious serial killer drama
  • THE KILLING – less creepy and way less salacious investigative drama
  • PENNY DREADFUL – dark and twisty but oh so good!
  • THE BLACKLIST – keeps you guessing
  • SHERLOCK – great version of the classic
  • GRACE AND FRANKIE – funny and spunky
  • GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO DIVORCE – guilty pleasure


  • BOCHE – detective drama based on Michael Connelly novels..love!
  • CATASTROPHE – funny oopsy rom-com
  • TRANSPARENT – honest and raw but comical
  • THE AMERICANS – interesting and complex
  • The MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE – odd and intriguing


  • THIS IS US – sweet family drama *grab the kleenex!
  • VIKINGS – historical and hunky
  • LEGION – this one I am not sure yet
  • MY KITCHEN RULES – goofy cooking competition
  • THE KILLING FIELDS – great true crime/ cold case show
  • AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE – playful and cute


This is by no means a complete list but I just love sharing shows with people. I was just told about Ripper Street on Netflix that I cannot wait to get into. Also, it doesn’t have to be shows. There are tons of movies, documentaries, and stand up on these channels.

What are you into at the moment? Any shows that you just can’t miss? Any shows that you have binged and recommend for the rest of us?

Who wants to “cook” when you are binging on tv? So instead here is an amazing new product that I totally suggest! It is so good you can’t help but keep eating it. Perfect sweet treat!


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