But She Survived!

7 years ago I had a moment that changed my life. There have been many of those moments throughout the years but this one was a big one! It showed me that life is precious, that people need to know you love them, and that there is nothing scarier than the uncertainty of a next breath.download (1)

Like I said, I had faced some things in my life before that were hard. Family dysfunction, loss of friends in jr. high and high school, losing family members, and my step mother battling breast cancer were all events that shaped my life. But nothing quite prepared me for this hurdle.

Driving like a crazy person one hour south of the twin cities, I was racing to make the puck drop at my little brother’s district final hockey game. Upon arriving I found my place on the risers next to my mom. As the game went on, I noticed she was not with me and asked where she had gone. I was told she was not feeling well and had went to lay in the car. When the final seconds ticked down and we were awarded our trophy, I remember thinking how mad I was that she had missed this awesome moment and wondering if she was really “sick”.1339101481-e1400170937143

I wasn’t the only one, my stepdad was also upset. Once we found out how sick she was later that night when my stepdad took her to the hospital, we both felt a wave of guilt wash over us. He called me and said in complete shock, “they are taking her back to be intubated.”

Well, it turns out that my mom was critically ill with pneumonia and staph infection in her lungs. Walking in to the hospital and seeing your mother on a vent in a medically induced coma, is startling to say the least. Over the next almost month we took turns hearing from the doctors, updating her caring bridge, comparing and arranging schedules/ shifts at the hospital, and caring for her body as best as we could.

Today as I look back at these days, I shed a tear while remembering the stress and worry and I thank God for allowing her to move through it to where she is today. While our relationship and our struggles did not end as her illness faded, it did allow us to have a future together. It allowed us to get to this moment when we can talk openly, share bits of ourselves, and grow together. IMG_20150908_060455

They say that it only takes a second to score a goal. Well, it is also true it takes only a second to change a life! So let those around you know they are loved and know how blessed you are for them.

Who are you blessed to have in your life? Have you told someone how much you love them today?

No recipe today. Instead I give you a homework assignment. Just call someone you love and tell them just how important they are to you!




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