Shameless Self Promotion – Giveaway Alert!

So, our new spring/summer stuff is out this week and I have to say I am so excited! I try not to talk too much about Tastefully Simple because I know that is not why most of you come here, but this stuff is way too fun not to share!

This new line is bound to make your summer grilling and entertaining way more exciting and easy. When you’re stumped for dinner, try our amazing meal kits and our website chocked full of recipes will guide your way.

Check out just the cool line of drink mixes:


So, in honor of this amazing new line, I am doing my very first giveaway.

Share my blog with a friend and comment here (on WordPress) what you’re most looking forward to this spring/summer and I will add one entry in a drawing for one of three new spring/summer Tastefully Simple products. *Giveaway will close Friday February 24th @ 9:00am CST (and prizes will be mailed out that day!).*

  1. Caramel Cookie Brittle Mix

  2. Grilled Veggie Dip Mix

  3. Cocktail Pops



Good luck!

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