In Honor Of Valentine’s Day.

img_20160706_214143Stubborn, pig-headed, argumentative..this is the Hubs! He will gladly admit to all of it and probably worse. That being said, the Hubs also loves me with a fierce protectiveness and shining pride. There is no one else like him and there is no couple like us and that is OK! images-42

While this is all wonderful, our marriage is not easy. Our relationship goes through ebbs and waves, it goes through hills and valleys, hell, it goes through natural disasters.

We attribute a lot of the success of our relationship to facing large obstacles before we were married. Going through a custody battle and the recession while not being obligated to stay together really showed us that we were there because we wanted to be.julie-marriage-advice-printable-work

We dealt with feelings of depression, resentment, loss of desire/passion, and self loathing but pushed through to the other side. Keeping lines of communication open and not trying to “fix” everything really made all the difference!

Even through all the low parts, we cannot imagine a life without each other in it. We truly are friends first. We do almost all things with each other, we talk about everything, and we laugh together!

old-peepsWith 15 years of being together and VERY traditional household roles, not everyone gets us but, we still hold hands and say “I Love You” many times throughout the day. He still makes me weak in the knees and he still surprises me! Like this morning I woke up to these beautiful roses and a super sweet card.

The Hubs is amazing! I think way more so than he even believes. He has such an amazing work ethic, a passion for politics, a curious and endless desire to learn, and a quiet compassion for others. His sense of humor cracks me up. He has an amazing sense of responsibility and family values. He continues to be my biggest support and I think the world of him! As we grow older, I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to grow together.


So celebrate those you love today on Valentine’s Day and everyday. So, who’s your Valentine? What does your relationship have that makes it special?





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