Crank it up.

There are not many things like music! It has the power to move you in physical, mental, or emotional ways. Music also is therapeutic, it can feed your soul and turn a dark day brighter. In a previous post I spoke about needing a good cry and those songs that encourage the waterworks. Well, this time it’s all about the ability to boost you and make you move!

turn-it-up-thats-my-jamThere are some songs that are just better loud! You know, the songs that you instantly reach for the dial and crank up. Suddenly, you find yourself dancing to the beat and singing from the top of your lungs. A smile spreads across your face and the melody triggers memories of high school dances or sibling sing alongs.

051066f23a40a3165795399cff3e24a6b2161cRecently I was in the car and I hit a music jackpot! 7 songs in a row that I was rockin’ out to. I am pretty sure those driving around me thought I was convulsing but I just didn’t care! The music had my body shakin’, my head boppin’, and my hands clappin’ (not always the best while driving). A little air guitar or drumming on the steering wheel and all is happy in the world.


Here are some songs that make me smile and sing along:

I could probably do this all day! As you can tell I like a lot of different music. Nice to know there are so many songs that make me happy and want to dance. I dance in my car, the shower, in the kitchen while cooking dinner, while cleaning my house…really anywhere I can. What’s your good mood playlist? Is there one song that reminds you of your happiest memory? Where do you groove, your car, the shower, your living room?



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