Who’s Ready for Some Football!?!

I have to say, I really love sports. I am terrible at playing them but I really enjoy watching them. I love hockey, football, boxing, MMA, and the occasional baseball game (much more so if I am at the field rather than on tv). So, Superbowl weekend is always a fun time for me. Since I love to throw a party and love football, it’s the perfect excuse to have friends and family over.


This year I do not really care who wins (I will say the Atlanta Falcons because I don’t really care for the Patriots). That is no excuse for slacking on a good party, right?! In the past I have done chili, soups, pasta, and hot and cold snacks. This year I am thinking portable…Walking Tacos


If you have never done walking tacos, they are super simple and easy clean up. Perfect to get me out of the kitchen and in front of the TV. Another great thing about these is that I can make everything the day before!

  • Slow cook the chicken in the Crockpot img_6020
  • Cook and season the ground beef
  • Prep all veggies: shred lettuce, chop tomatoes, dice onion, slice jalapenos, wedge limes
  • Shred cheese

This makes Sunday a much lower stress day. All I need to worry about is pulling it all together and a quick and easy clean up.

So, what do you do for the Super Bowl? Do you watch to see the game or the commercials?

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