Want to Know A Secret?

This post is all about my favorites. My favorite secrets, tips, tricks, and products! You know you have 'em too. Here are some of mine! Secrets, Tips and Tricks: Cut a V in your big toenail to avoid ingrown toenails. Raspberry ice tea combats menstrual cramps. Hate apple cider vinegar but know the health benefits...sneak … Continue reading Want to Know A Secret?

Makin’ Plans!

There are so many fun things that come up in the spring and summer! This really nice unseasonable weather we have had for the last few days has triggered the itch for those spring/summer traditions. Just the grilling, bike riding, and sunshine are enough to perk up your mood. So, I am looking ahead on … Continue reading Makin’ Plans!

Crank it up.

There are not many things like music! It has the power to move you in physical, mental, or emotional ways. Music also is therapeutic, it can feed your soul and turn a dark day brighter. In a previous post I spoke about needing a good cry and those songs that encourage the waterworks. Well, this … Continue reading Crank it up.