Cabin Fever is setting in!

Do you ever get that feeling that winter will never end?! This is usually that time of year that I am craving the SUN and WARMTH! Grey skies, cold temps, and sloppy wet roads make that warmth seem so far away. So what can you do to bring a little light in?



  1. First, check out a happy light. A little daily dose of natural light can be such a mood changer. When you cannot get the real sun, this little light can be those healing rays that shoo the grey away.
  2. Go tanning. Yes, I do not normally condone “cancer beds” but feeling the warmth and light is a vast change from the biting cold. Plus, you are not going to get skin cancer if you go tanning once or twice a year.
  3. Spa day anyone? Getting a facial or body exfoliation will get rid of that dry winter skin and who doesn’t feel better when you get a little pampering. Treat yourself to a little something special and maybe grab a girlfriend or two to come with you.109740362.png
  4. Do a workout. Whether it is a quick workout at home or a class at the gym, working out boosts your mood. I know, I know, who wants to go to the gym?! Yes, it’s not my favorite place either but the mood boost you get from a workout is worth going through those doors.
  5. Get out of town! It doesn’t need to be any big deal; just a weekend getaway is fine. When you have a little mini vacation to look forward to, it changes everything. Go with the spouse, the girlfriends, or even your siblings! Just go!!!
  6. Get a project done. You know the list of things that you need to get done but they are not necessary or high on the list? Something like repainting a bedroom, clearing out the file cabinet, or straightening the linen closet will all do. Just getting something accomplished that you have put off will be such a great lift.
  7. Cook something that takes you away. That’s right, trick your senses by feeding them (literally) something that is tropical or exotic. How about making homemade pasta, roll your own sushi, or an Indian curry? The point is, trick your nose and tastebuds to think you are on a vacation. But when you do this go all out; decorate the table, get a great bottle of wine, and turn off your phone.global_indian_main-800x375


These are just a few little things that we all can do to beat the cabin fever that is setting in. What is something you do to boost your mood during the cold months? Is there something that makes you feel less like a caged animal in the winter?


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