Another Year, Another Resolution!


2016 was one of the hardest years I have ever had. I suffered great losses, losing two grandparents and a cousin. I have had obstacles to overcome in school, personal relationships, and my own mental and physical health. But, in the great tradition of New Year’s Eve, it’s time to make another resolution.




I thought hard about this actually. I know that most people instantly say, “weight loss”, “exercise more often”, or “get more organized” but in my opinion, those are just too general. So, this year I am making very specific goals and setting myself up for success!



My 2017 Resolutions:

  1. In order for professional success: Complete my office/photo studio space – Due date: March 1st 2017 – Inspiration (the wall not the bed):inspirations
  2. In order for physical wellness: 110 days until Mexico trip – work out at least 15 minutes everyday using Betty Rocker program (free 30 day email of 15 minute workouts)
  3. To broaden our horizons: Try one new recipe a month
  4. To let those important to me know/feel it: Call/ visit each grandparent once a month
  5. To celebrate friendships and laugh more: Make plans with one or more girlfriends once a month



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