In the Spirit of Giving

In this time of spending and excess, it is always wonderful to remember those that are in need. One of the most powerful gifts you can give is to those less fortunate. There are so many ways that you can help others.


My nephew James filling a box for Operation Christmas Child

Whether you are not sure what to get someone or you have no one to buy for, giving the gift of charity is a wonderful choice.

Get the co-workers together to give to a group, make donations in a family member’s name, or teach those young people the importance of giving.

My family has taken part in quite a few of these giving traditions, and I can tell you that they are now something that we all look forward to doing each year.

It’s almost Christmas, but it’s never too late to give.



Here are just a few ways to give back:

  • Volunteer Match – this is website that lists multiple volunteering opportunities
  • Feed My Starving Children – make food packages for those that are hungry
  • Salvation Army red buckets – give your change to support a good cause
  • Operation Christmas Child – fill a box with little gifts for those in need
  • Adopt a family in need – there are many organizations out there for this, check with your local town or check out some of them on Google.
  • Don’t forget the four legged family members, give to your favorite rescue or local animal shelter
  • My People Fund – help those whom lost everything in the fires of Gatlinburg, TN
  • Pay It Forward – buy a person a cup of coffee or pay for a stranger’s gas

Just remember that this season is about so much more than gifts and stuff. Be a part of making someone’s holiday a little brighter. Do you have any charities that you give to?


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