Monday Mood Lifter #2 or “When babes cry”

So, the Hubs and I went out the other night to see a local cover band. They were great! However, being that I am always the DD, I can often get antsy to go home toward the midnight hour. Well, we hit observational jackpot! This made the next two hours fly by and had our little table of four laughing until we cried.

Here’s the scene:

4 twenty-something girls sitting at a table with obligatory beers in hand. All of them look like they have drank quite enough. Then suddenly two of them start having one of the most expressive conversations I have ever seen. Tears and all!


So, what do I do?! I lean over to my husband’s ear and start voice-over-ing their conversation. If you have never done this, there are a few rules.

  1. You have got to have a sense of humor
  2. You have to be quick
  3. You have to be able to say dirty, sick, and wrong things!
  4. You have to be surrounded by people that are not offended easily – know your audience!

I covered all the bases (unfortunately this is not difficult for me as I have a sick mind and am married to a construction worker)!

Well, the reaction from my table was encouraging so I kept it up on and off for the next hour+. Try this the next time you need a laugh. The state fair would be perfect! If you have tried this…please let me know what your best voice-over work was!

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