Shoutout to my girlfriends!


Now, I have some wonderful girlfriends! Some of these women are family, some are acquired family, and some yet are chosen family. At the end of the day each one is special and serves her very own purpose. Like Cher says in the movie, Clueless, “All my friends were really good in different ways…” Great, now I will spend my evening searching the Netflix for Clueless and wasting 2+ hours of my life, when I am sure I have 1 million other things I need to do! Oh well, a distraction in the background while taking an exam. *hits “watch” on the remote*.

  • Samantha, well, she’s my sister and my best friend! She is the one that I go to with all my worries and when I need a kiddo fix, she’s got 4!
  • Amanda, is my sister-in-law and is my gym buddy. She pushes me, encourages me, and always has a new idea or scheme to try.
  • Tara is one of my oldest friends. Someone who gets me like a lot of people don’t. We can go a long time without talking and jump right in where we left off. In my opinion, that is a sign of a great friend! Tara and I have been through quite a few jobs together so we are often on the phone sharing our experiences.
  • Pam, loves to cook and we often exchange recipes. She is a friend that I can always count on and is a great shoulder to lean on. She is funny, witty, and a bit of a (self proclaimed) nerd.
  • Sheri is my sister in Tennessee (actually not my sister but my husband’s best friend’s to make it easy, sister). Sheri always has a hug for me, is silly, goofy, and makes me smile!
  • Last is Nicole. While she is my newest friend, she is amazingly one of the best friends I have ever had. I think I fell for her the very day I met her. We are just alike. We have the same sense of humor, take on more than we have time for, and can come up with a new craft project in a matter of seconds!

They truly keep me sane and I know if I needed any one of them at any time, they would be there and I would do the same for them!

Case and point – Pam called me quite a few times as their oldest was potty training. She was exhausted and so frustrated that it wasn’t going simply and smoothly. Finally one night she was in tears (and she is not a cryer like me)! She did not know what to do or how to help him and now his lack of toilet interest was affecting whether he could move forward at daycare in the older boy room where he would actually learn stuff and not just play all day (You can understand his lack of motivation. Heck, who doesn’t want to play all day!). Naturally, because I have so many children I knew exactly what to do (Do you sense the sarcasm?), so I told her to hang up and I would be over in a few minutes.

She hung up while sniffling and I jumped in the car. While driving to her house I picked up a few necessary provisions and showed up on her doorstep in just under 20 minutes. There I was with a bottle of wine and all the fixings to make brownie sundaes! I didn’t know what advice to give her about how to get the little guy to use the potty and I had no idea what she was going through, because I myself had never had to deal with this, but I did know that I could be there for her and hold her while she cried, fix her a drink and a sundae, and “turn her frown upside down”.

That’s what we do as girlfriends! Our men or if you are unattached, any of the men in your life, often feel that they need to give answers or fix the problem for you. Your girlfriends, however, know sometimes all you need is someone to listen, someone to feed you wine and brownies, and someone to turn your tears of fear or frustration or sadness into tears from laughter and the understanding that you are never alone.

So let’s take a minute to honor those special relationships! Who are those girls that make your life special? Think of all your girlfriends, what special thing does each one have that makes your connection so unique? Who is your first call when the bottom falls out?

Brownie Sundae Recipe:

Brownies (I bought the ready made ones in the store for this, you know the  little mini muffin sized ones in the bakery section of the grocery store) – an emergency calls for store bought!

Ice Cream (one scoop, maybe two, if a bad enough day go for three!) any flavor you love. We did Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip and Tahitian Vanilla Bean (oh my GOD!)

Caramel and Hot Fudge drizzled all over EVERYTHING!

AND don’t forget the Cool Whip!


*HINT* Don’t forget the disposable spoons, bowls and plastic wine glasses or dixie cups if you are low class like me – you don’t want your girlfriend to have to do the dishes afterall!



Girlfriend honorable mention: Becky, Darci, Pam, Rachel, Natalie, Natty Mae, Hailey, Emily, Julie, Molly, Michelle (X2 of you!), and Sheila…I have so many wonderful girlfriends I couldn’t write something about each of you or my post would be FOREVER long. I love you all! You ladies cheer me up when I am down, support me when I need a boost, and laugh with me during all the ups and downs.

Non-Girlfriend honorable mention: Jesse, while you are not a girl, you sir are one of the most amazing people in my life! We have been through many peeks and valleys in our lives and have had many miles in between us but we survive it all! You are the strongest and most fun person I know! You have seen me at my best, worst, and everything in between and still show up for me whenever I need you…Love Ya Cracky!


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