Let’s all just run away! This world is crap!

imageedit_595_8718948919So, the other day I had a Facebook feud with a “friend”. I say “friend” because although I have known this person since 8th grade, he does not frequent my life and I would say we are more acquaintances, but in a friendly manner. Anyway, I posted some picture about how simple economics views a possible minimum wage increase, the cause and effect. Now, I have many political views that I am very passionate about, but this was not meant to be such a post. Just saying, hey, if we raise minimum wage that much, isn’t it going to increase many of the prices of simple things we pay? Isn’t that counter-productive?


I then spent the rest of the day going back and forth about school tax levies, gay marriage rights, abortion rights, and the like. Now, I do not feel that I fit in one single political box, as I am pro-choice, pro gay marriage, anti gun restrictions, and the list goes on (and since this is not necessarily a political rant I will stop there). I have no idea how this silly little picture about minimum wage enticed such a rant but I welcomed the opportunity to speak my mind and let my “friend” speak his in a friendly (non insulting) debate (which would be awesome to see our presidential candidates also do, just saying!).


Ok, so I picked this more because it is funny not because it says anything about a particular political side…but comment if you must.

Anyway, this strange argument got me thinking, what good is happening right this moment? I don’t want to be a total “Debbie Downer” here and yes, I know that there are good things that happen everyday, but how often do we hear about them? So often our news is full of such chaos and tragedy, it’s a wonder that more people don’t jump off a bridge listening to such depressing shit everyday! I mean check out the following pictures that are just a small representation of the 2016 news stories:

Ok, so just looking at these again; we have lost such amazing people, both famous and not famous this year. We have suffered great tragedy, and been encouraged to choose sides and become separate according to race, gender, and orientation.


This is not a world that makes me happy! If I could get in a spaceship and blast off, I may consider it! I mean what happened here? Do we know where things went so wrong (without blaming it on any one political side, because that is what they want you to do)? I swear if there was a magic genie…oh shoot Genie…


I know it was 2014 but it still makes me cry and feels like yesterday

…like I was saying, if I had Genie I would ask if he can bring peace and serenity to our world, give me 4 million dollars (come on I am not a total idiot, I would still want to be rich), and then I would wish for his freedom, mostly because I wouldn’t want any other greedy bastards to ruin the whole peace and serenity thing.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaathaaaajdyzm2mxnzrmlwm4njmtngy1zi1hyjuyltc3mmi0mmm2nwewywI mean, there used to be a time when we knew the Soviet Union were our enemies and not all this uncertainty about if our neighbor is a pedifile or ISIS member (do they call them members? I honestly don’t remember). Even in Monty Python they knew that the “bunny with the fangs” and the “Knights who say Ni” were not to be messed with but Arthur always knew he could trust Lancelot!


Just the stuff in North Carolina…ugh! What a bunch of crap! I mean I know that riots happen and so do protest but this has just gotten so out of hand! Think of all the men and women that don’t get to go home to their children because some ass hats decide that they are going to loot a bunch of semis “in the name of equality and stopping police brutality” no less (so let’s break the law…hmmmmm). I know as a white woman, when I hear about a bigot or racist police officer treating others like shit and abusing his/her power, I shake my head and demand for change. I do not however, shoot a cop or start a riot. Is it that different on the other side of the racial divide?


I cannot believe that black people are watching this hatred and violence on the news and cheering about it, right? Here is the thing; we need to go back in time. We need to treat each other with respect and treat the laws with respect. We need to remember that those police officers are the good guys and are just doing their jobs. We need to think of the world as a possibility instead of focusing on the things we don’t have or the hardships we will face to accomplish those dreams.

During these difficult times we need to remember this:


IT’S THE CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER!!!! Get your shit together and act right.



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