Hi, my name is Sarah and I might be a Amazon-aholic.

Well, I might not be so single minded that I consider Amazon to be my only crutch. I also love LuLaRoe, Zulily, Wayfair, ETSY, and had a quick affair with RoseGal (don't do it, no matter how cheap their stuff is!). Just like an alcoholic that may love their Miller Lite, they do not thumb their nose at a shot of vodka or a guzzle of Listerine if desperate enough.

Let’s all just run away! This world is crap!

So, the other day┬áI had a Facebook feud with a "friend". I say "friend" because although I have known this person since 8th grade, he does not frequent my life and I would say we are more acquaintances, but in a friendly manner. Anyway, I posted some picture about how simple economics views a possible … Continue reading Let’s all just run away! This world is crap!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

There are certain weeks I love having a bunch of empty boxes on the calendar and no plans that I forgot to put on there too, but there are also some times that I am so excited by the words in those boxes just thinking them seems to be a wicked spell that slows time to a halt, making the wait almost unbearable! Those words are as follows: